Modern-day winning campaigns begin with a cause, an issue or a percolating social movement—no longer a political party, organization or brand. The locus of influence has shifted and most campaign firms haven’t made the adjustment. The results have been devastating.

Non-profit organizations and businesses are now struggling to reach audiences and get critical donations in a crowded field. Expensive and unpleasant political surprises of all kinds are becoming the new normal.

Huge demographic shifts and new ways of reaching target audiences, supporters and voters require new methods. So, we decided to do it ourselves and created Spanner Strategies—a campaign strategy firm that strategizes based on what is actually happening now, not what has worked in the past. Our specialty is unearthing voters, supporters, donors and customers that you didn’t even know you had.

Social scientists at our core, we use a patented 5-Point Combination™ of understanding of the data, the culture, the individual, the context and the zeitgeist to create winning campaigns that account for the unexpected.

Because we don’t like surprises either.